Okoye M.O Founder of Arising Properties | Real Estate investor South Africa

About Us

A Real Estate Investor Arising Investor and Founder of Arising Properties

We are a real estate agency that operates in Sandton, South Africa. Our mission is to promote the perspective of trust, respect, and mutual benefit in the real estate business. Real estate is a business that came out of necessity, many people weren’t aware of the correct prices for their houses or didn’t know available options in different localities; the business was supposed to be a bridge in between rather we made a profit over customers and didn’t focus on mutual benefit.

At Arising properties, we consider mutual benefit as our core principle, as whenever there are two parties whose benefit is interrelated, it’s imperative on them to collaborate and work towards mutual benefit.

We provide a platform for sellers to put their properties on sale, and for buyers to be able to locate properties in the localities of their interest. Our work is facilitation, and we are proud of this role as we believe that buy facilitation we can achieve that trust of our clients and work towards mutual benefit.

Our Team

Okoye M.O
Real Estate Investor

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